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Residential appraisal notices are mailed in April.  eAccess™ is Tarrant Appraisal District's unique online settlement system for homeowner protests.  If your property is eligible, we'll review your protest, check the evidence, and possibly make you a settlement offer over the internet. eAccess™ makes it easy to possibly settle your protest online.
Please note: The early deadline for filing residential protests is indicated on your appraisal notice.  However, homeowners that miss the early deadline may still file a protest without penalty until the later of May 31 or 30 days after the date their appraisal notice is mailed.  Some other real estate property owners may file their early protests this year.

For filing a protest, filing a BPP rendition or an extension request, reviewing ARB evidence, and updating personal information:

If the applicable deadline has passed, you will be unable to use eAccess™ to enter a protest.
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