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Important Dates
Appraisal Year Timeline
The Texas State Property Tax Code outlines several critical dates which constitute the appraisal year time schedule to which all Appraisal Districts in the state must adhere.
January 1  • Beginning of appraisal year.
 • Date of valuation.
 • Date BPP rendition period begins.
April 1 • Early mailing notices of appraised value for single-family residence homestead properties (Sec. 25.19) and some commercial properties.
April 15  • BPP Rendition deadline.
April 30  • Last day to file protests for single-family with ARB.
May 1  • Last day to mail notices with June 2 protest deadline.
   (Notices mailed after this date will have extended protest deadlines.)
May 15  • Preliminary estimates of value to tax jurisdictions.
 • Last day to file BPP rendition if an extension is filed.
June 2  • Last day to file protest with ARB (or by 30th day after value notice is delivered, whichever is later).
July 25  • State-mandated certification deadline (with 90-95% of total value certified).
September 1  • Last certified roll to tax jurisdictions for billing and collection.
 • ISD fiscal year begins.
October 1  • Tax jurisdictions begin billing and collection of taxes.
 • City/County fiscal year begins.
eAccess Timeline
You may use the online services of the eAccess Portal and the Agent Protest tool to perform several tasks depending on time and your status as follows.
Beginning April 1st, 2014, a residential property owner, a commercial property owner, or an agent, may file an online protest. The early deadline to file a protest is April 30, 2014. If this deadline is missed a protest may still be filed until the final protest deadline of June 2, 2014 or 30 days after the mailing of the notice, whichever is later.
2014 Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
File a Protest Owners of Residential Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Owners
BPP Owners *
04/01 - 06/02 or 30th day after value
notice is delivered, whichever is later.
Get Possible
Online Settlement of Protest
Owners of Homestead Property
04/01 - 06/02 or 30th day after value
notice is delivered, whichever is later.
Review Comparable Sales
& ARB Evidence
Before ARB Hearing
Residential Real Estate Owners
Commercial Real Estate Owners
04/01 - 12/31
File Rendition BPP Owners *
01/01 - 04/15
File Extended Rendition BPP Owners *
04/16 - 05/15
Request Rendition Extension BPP Owners *
01/01 - 04/15
Sign Up
& Update Personal Info
All Residential and Commercial Real Estate Owners, BPP Owners *, and Agents
01/01 - 12/31
   *      The online services of the TAD eAccess and the Agent Protest are not available for the mineral and the VARX accounts of Business Personal Property (BPP).
   **     The online protest service will be available beginning on April 1, 2014 through August 24, 2014.  After that, you may file a paper-based protest with ARB.
   ***   The comparable sales and the ARB evidence may not be available for certain properties.
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