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It has been brought to our attention that some people are receiving telephone calls and are being told that the source of the telephone number is from the Tarrant Appraisal District website.  This is not true.  We do not, nor have we ever stored telephone numbers in our database.  As you might well imagine, the maintenance burden of trying to keep current telephone numbers on almost 700,000 accounts would simply be overwhelming.  You may verify this by following the "Property Data" link in the left margin to see the data we make available.  We do, however, sell our data under the Texas Open Records Act.  Purchasers of our data may, and some do, match our data to national telephone directories and add telephone numbers to products which they remarket.  These companies usually do not attempt to distinguish between data they acquired from Tarrant Appraisal District and data they have added on their own, leaving the impression that all the data was from TAD.   Tarrant Appraisal District regrets any invasion of privacy which may be represented as resulting from data obtained from TAD but we are not the source of the telephone numbers being used.
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