Board of Directors

The Tarrant Appraisal District is governed by a Board of Directors representing taxing units within Tarrant County.

Board Of Directors

Joe Potthoff — Chairman  |  Mike O’Donnell  |  Mark Wood  |  John Molyneaux — Secretary  |  Johnny Bennett  |  Ron Wright — Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector

How The Board Is Selected

According to Chapter 6 of the Texas State Property Tax code, the Tarrant Appraisal District Board of Directors is appointed by the taxing units (the districts within its jurisdiction) to two year terms. It consists of five directors and the county assessor-collector, who is not a voting member of the board.

Public Board Meetings

A majority of Board members must be present for a meeting to be held. All meetings are open to the public and must allow time to hear public concerns during the meeting. Comments from individuals should be limited to five minutes and be about issues under the jurisdiction of the Board. Each meeting agenda must also allow time to hear a report from the Taxpayer Liaison Officer who reviews written complaints and reports back to the Board about the status of complaint resolutions.

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