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Understanding the Local Property Tax System in Texas.
What You Need to Know about Taxing Entities, Appraisal Districts, and Tax Offices in Tarrant County

 At TAD, we want you to understand the local property tax system in Texas and how it affects you. With more than 3,700 local governments in Texas collecting and spending these taxes, the local property tax is the largest single funding source for community services, including public schools, city streets, county roads, police departments, fire protection, and other vital programs.

If you have questions about your property taxes or concerns about paying your bill, please contact your local tax office. It's important to note that TAD does not calculate or distribute property tax bills, nor do we accept property tax payments. 

Additionally, several types of local governments may tax your property, including counties, school districts, cities, and special districts such as hospitals, junior colleges, or water districts. If you have any questions or concerns about the entities in the system or how the property tax process works, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

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An appraisal district is a political subdivision responsible for appraising properties within its jurisdiction. Appraisal districts in Texas are governed by the Texas Property Tax Code and are responsible for determining the value of properties for property tax purposes.

Property appraisals involve determining the value of a property for property tax purposes. Appraisal districts use a variety of methods to determine property values, including analyzing property characteristics, sales data, and other market indicators. Property owners have the right to protest their appraised values if they believe they are incorrect.

A taxing unit is a local government entity that has the authority to levy property taxes. Taxing units in Texas include counties, cities, school districts, and various special districts. Each taxing unit sets its own tax rate and uses the property values determined by the appraisal district to calculate the amount of taxes owed by property owners.

How does Tarrant Appraisal District help Tarrant Communities.

Property appraisal helps communities by providing a fair and equitable way to distribute the property tax burden among property owners. By ensuring that each property is appraised at its market value, appraisal districts help to ensure that each property owner pays their fair share of property taxes. These taxes fund important community services such as schools, roads, and public safety programs.