Business Personal Property Renditions

All businesses in Tarrant County are required to file a rendition each year by April 15th. Since that date falls on a Saturday, this year’s deadline is Monday, April 17th. If you have not already done so, you can mail a form to our office at 2500 Handley Ederville Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76118. As long as it is postmarked by April 17th, it is considered timely.

We have a drop box in front of our building if you would prefer to deliver it in person. Please contact us at (817) 284-9101 if you have questions.

BPP Rendition (50-144)

Business Personal Property Rendition form.

Download BPP-50-144

BPP Extension (1303)

Business Personal Property Rendition Extension form.

Download BPP-Extension-1303

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