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How Do I Know if My Property Taxes Have Been Paid?

We’re responsible for the appraisals, but we don’t receive the taxes in our offices. Go to the Tarrant County website to verify whether or not the Tax Assessor-Collector received your property tax payment.

How Do I Protest My Property Value?

There are several ways to Protest your Property Online:

  1. Real Property Only – Set up an Online Account. This will give you full control over each of your properties, including the ability to submit and view your online Protest.  When you Sign In to your Online Account, you can view and interact with all your various property accounts on your personal Dashboard.
  2. You can download and print the Protest form from the Comptrollers website: Protest Form
  3. You can always visit us at our physical location at 2500 Handley-Ederville Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76118 and speak with the customer service representatives at the Appraisal Review Board’s front desk.

How Do I Qualify For AG?

To qualify for AG you must meet certain thresholds and history requirements depending on your agricultural activity.  These activities and standards are discussed further in the attached flowchart and Degree of intensity test. The AG Degree of Intensity Test document can be found here and the Do I Qualify for AG? flowchart can be found here.

How Do I Request an Online Account PIN?

An Online Account PIN is required to add properties to your Dashboard.  There are two ways to receive or request a PIN; the primary way to receive your Online Account PIN is on the Value Notice you receive, the second way would be to submit an Online Request and provide your Account Number, Owner Name, and contact information.  We will then verify your identity and send you the Online Account PIN, if we determine you are authorized.

How Do I Setup an Online Account?

Any property owner can establish an Online Account with Having an Online Account will provide you enhanced abilities including; saved searches, expanded property search exports, chronological list of actions you have performed, viewing of ownership documentation, etc. Only the Owner or Authorized agent of an Account will have privileges to perform specific actions and processes.

Please select from the following that best describes yourself:


How Do I Update my Online Account Profile?

Updating your Online Account Profile is simple!  Once you have signed into your Online Account, you will be able to update your email address, User Name, and password.  Your Profile is located at the bottom of your Dashboard.

How Do I View a Value Notice?

Value Notices are mailed beginning in April through the summer of each year. Not everyone will receive a Notice every year. If you expect you should have received one, you can access your online account to view a copy. If you haven’t received your value notice or if you need another copy, please Log into your Online Account by clicking on the Login button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Once you have signed into your Online Account, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Account on your Dashboard that you are interested in viewing or printing the Value Notice.
  2. Click the View Property button and at the top of the screen, you should see all reports, including your Value Notice, that are associated with this Account.
  3. Click on the Value Notice button and you should be able to view, print, and download the report.

Commercial Real Property Forms

1-d-1 (Open Space)

Ambulatory health care

Appointment of Agent for Property Tax

Cemetery Property

Charitable Low-Income

Charitable Organization(11.18)

Charitable Organization(501(c)(2))

CHDO-Acquired or Sold

Commercial Property Value Evidence

Community Land & Trust

Disabled Vet or Survivor

Energy Storage System

Historic or Archeological Site

Low-Income Housing

Mfd Housing Inventory Declaration

Mfd Housing Inventory Tax Statement

Miscellaneous Exemptions

Motion For Correction Of Appraisal Roll (25.25c)

Motion to Correct 1/3 Over (25.25d)

Nonprofit Community Business

Notice of Protest

Open Space Ecological Lab

Owner’s Affidavit of Evidence

Pollution Control

Primarily Charitable Functions

Private School Property

Public Information Act Request

Rec, Park, & Scenic Land

Religious Organization

Revocation of Appointment of Agent

Same-Day Protest Hearing

Solar or Wind Devices

Tax Abatement

Theater School

Transitional Housing

Water Conservation Initiatives

Water Supply/Wastewater

Youth Development Org

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