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Methods and Assistance Program (MAP)

Tax Code Section 5.102 mandates the Comptroller of Public Accounts to assess appraisal districts' governance, taxpayer assistance, operating procedures, and appraisal standards at least once every two years The Comptroller's Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) conducts Methods and Assistance Program (MAP) reviews for about half of all districts annually. For school districts in counties not reviewed under MAP, a property value study is conducted instead. The number of questions varies based on population tiers. Appraisal districts with the International Association of Assessing Officer's Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration may qualify for a limited scope review. 

GIS and MAP Data

The following files represent TAD's coverage in GIS (Geographic Information System) format. Specifically, the data are in ESRI Shapefile format and in File Geodatabase. You will need WinRAR, WinZip or PKZip (available on our Free Downloads page) to unzip the files before use. You will also need special GIS software to use the data. A number of products are available including:

Other products may also be available from other vendors which may be suitable for your use. 

Pre-Generated Maps & Classic Maps

The following maps are the most commonly-requested from our mapping staff. While the PDF files are somewhat large, the maps contain quite a bit of detail and can be printed at a large scale.