Each Texas county is served by an appraisal district that determines the value of all of the county’s real and personal property. Generally, a local government that collects property taxes, such as a county, city and school district, is a member of the appraisal district.

To qualify for AG you must meet certain thresholds and history requirements depending on your agricultural activity.  These activities and standards are discussed further in the attached flowchart and Degree of intensity test. The Agricultural Use Appraisal Degree of Intensity Test document can be found here and the Do I Qualify for Agricultural Use Appraisal? flowchart can be found here.

Persons who are over 65 years of age may file for an exemption in addition to the residential homestead exemption with TAD. If you qualify for the over 65 exemption you would be entitled to a tax ceiling on school and locally adopted city, county and special district assessments. Please note that this exemption would limit your taxes only – not your home’s value – as this could change with prevailing market conditions.

We provide historical data as zip and text file. You can download such dataset from this page Data & Reports

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