Public Information Act Request

Public Information Act Request

Use of TAD website's online search features, data download tools, and resources are available free of charge. However, if information cannot be found, you can request it using the form below. If you have any tax related questions or requests (billing, collecting, payments), please visit the Tarrant County Tax Office website.

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Describe in detail the information you are requesting. Please include enough about the information you are requesting so the governing body may accurately identify and locate those items requested. If your request cannot be determined, it will be returned to you for clarification. All fields must be populated, if not applicable put NA.

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I understand that I must pay all applicable charges as allowed by the Texas Administrative Code. For more information on charges, you may access the Texas Attorney General website.

Under the Public Information Act we have ten business days, not including holidays, in which to respond.

All information that you submit with a public information request is subject to public disclosure as allowed under the Texas Public Information Act.


Charges for Copies of Paper Records and Printouts of Electronic Records Section 552.261(a) allows a governmental body to recover costs related to reproducing public information. A request for copies may generally be assessed charges for labor, overhead (which is calculated as a percentage of the total labor), and materials.

Possible Charges include:

  • Standard-size printouts: 8.5x11 $0.10 per page
  • Over 50 pages: $0.10 per page + $15 per hour for labor
  • CDROM: $5.00 each
  • Programming: $28.50 per hour
  • Postage: Actual charges

By submitting this form, I certify that I have read an understand the above information. I understand I am responsible for all charges as allowed by the Texas Administrative Code as defined at the Texas Attorney General website.