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Heir Property Owners Can Now Access 100% of the Residential Homestead Exemption

Heir property owners can now access 100% of the Residential Homestead exemption. Effective January 1, 2020, Senate Bill 1943 allows qualifying heirs to claim a Residential Homestead exemption on 100% of the property instead of just a portion of the property.

Heir property is property owned by one or more individuals, where at least one owner claims the property as a residence homestead, and the property was acquired by will, transfer on death deed, or intestacy. An heir property owner not specifically identified as the residence homestead owner on a deed or other recorded instrument in the county where the property is located must provide:

  1. A Residential Homestead Exemption application;
  2. A driver’s license or state issued personal identification certificate. The address listed on the driver’s license or state-issued personal identification certificate must correspond to the property address for which the exemption is requested.
  3. An affidavit establishing the applicant’s ownership of interest in the property;
  4. A copy of the prior property owner’s death certificate;
  5. A copy of the property’s most recent utility bill; and
  6. A citation of any court record relating to the applicant’s ownership of the property, if available.

Each heir property owner who occupies the property as a principal residence, other than the applicant, must provide an affidavit that authorizes the submission of the Residential Homestead Exemption application.

Please follow these links for more details, the application itself, and the affidavit required.