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How Do I Obtain an Over 65 Exemption And What Does It Do?

Persons who are over 65 years of age may file for an exemption in addition to the residential homestead exemption with TAD. If you qualify for the over 65 exemption you would be entitled to a tax ceiling on school and locally adopted city, county and special district assessments. Please note that this exemption would limit your taxes only – not your home’s value – as this could change with prevailing market conditions.

How Do I Qualify For AG?

To qualify for AG you must meet certain thresholds and history requirements depending on your agricultural activity.  These activities and standards are discussed further in the attached flowchart and Degree of intensity test. The AG Degree of Intensity Test document can be found here and the Do I Qualify for AG? flowchart can be found here.

How Do I File a Homestead / Over 65 application?

To file a Homestead application, or an Over 65 application, please fill out the form located here.

How Do I Protest My Property Value?

There are several ways to Protest your Property Online:

  1. Real Property Only – Set up an Online Account. This will give you full control over each of your properties, including the ability to submit and view your online Protest.  When you Sign In to your Online Account, you can view and interact with all your various property accounts on your personal Dashboard.
  2. You can download and print the Protest form from the Comptrollers website: Protest Form
  3. You can always visit us at our physical location at 2500 Handley-Ederville Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76118 and speak with the customer service representatives at the Appraisal Review Board’s front desk.

How Do I Know If My Property Taxes Have Been Paid?

Please go to the Tarrant County Tax Office account search page to verify whether or not the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector has received your payment.  Some accounts in Tarrant County may also have tax payment requirements to the Grapevine-Colleyville Tax Office

How Do I File For a Homestead Exemption Online?

We hope to make filing for a Homestead Exemption an online process in the future, but due to the documentation required our site doesn’t have that functionality yet. [Download the necessary documentation here] and follow the instructions printed on it.

How Do I View a Value Notice?

Value Notices are mailed beginning in April through the summer of each year. Not everyone will receive a Notice every year. If you expect you should have received one, you can access your online account to view a copy. If you haven’t received your value notice or if you need another copy, please Log into your Online Account by clicking on the Login button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Once you have signed into your Online Account, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Account on your Dashboard that you are interested in viewing or printing the Value Notice.
  2. Click the View Documents button on the expanded view of your property. Once you click the View Documents, you should see your documents beginning to load for the current and prior year, which includes your Value Notice.
  3. Click on the Value Notice button and you should be able to view, print, and download the report.

How Do I Change The Ownership Address On My Account?

Home Owners can mail or hand deliver a written request for an address change.

Business owners: from January 1 through April 15th please indicate your address change on your rendition. After the rendition deadline a mail or hand delivered request is acceptable.

How Do I Get a Name On The Account Changed or Removed?

In the case of a spouse’s death, please send in a copy of their Death Certificate along with your request. This will remove their name from your homestead property only.

In the case of divorce, please send a copy of the Divorce with your request. Specifically we need to see the first page, any page showing real property and stating who it was awarded to, as well as the page with the Judge’s signature and date. If there is a name change involved, please include that page, too.

In the case of a name change due to marriage, please send a copy of the Marriage License along with your request.

If your name was change through the court, please send a copy of the court document, signed by the Judge, with your request.

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