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Protest Deadline Reminder: Residential Accounts with a May 15th Deadline date, have until May 24th to Protest. 

Important Security Reminder: Everyone for 2024 will need to reset their password and some Online Accounts will need to be recreated for 2024.

Business Owners

Home Owners can submit their request by email through the Contact Us page, mail, or hand-deliver a written request for an address change.

Business owners: from January 1 through April 15th please indicate your address change on your rendition. After the rendition deadline a mail or hand delivered request is acceptable.

The Business Personal Property Rendition or Extension Request forms may be filed in the following ways:

  • Email in pdf format to [email protected]
  • Mail it to our office at: 2500 Handley Ederville Rd Fort Worth, TX 76118Email in pdf format to [email protected]
  • Deliver in person during office hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • There is a drop box located outside the front door.

The results of a TAD.org Property Search can be exported to your favorite spreadsheet program such as MS Excel, Apple Numbers, and many others. Just follow these easy steps: (1) accomplish your Property Search or Advanced Search, (2) above the search results first select either Page Results or All Results, (3) then select either Excel File or TXT/CSV File, and lastly, (4) select either the *Basic or **Comprehensive data option (see details below). The data file type you select will be exported to your PC's, Mac's, tablet's, or smart phone's download folder (the location of which varies by web browser and device type). Once your data is downloaded, open it in either MS Excel or import the TXT/CSV file (delimited by a comma) into another compatible spreadsheet program. To ensure fair access for all users to TAD.org resources, a limit to the number of records you may download at one time may be indicated at the time you select either a Basic or Comprehensive file. If your download exceeds the current limit, consider crafting your Property Search or Advanced Search so that it can be divided into multiple downloads. For example, target/filter one search for Residential property and another for Commercial property then combine the results.

*Basic this option contains 29 columns of data per parcel of the current year ownership, location, value, and other general information.
**Comprehensive - this option contains 116 columns of data per parcel of the current year and 5 previous years of ownership, location, value, and other general information.

You can file a Leased Equipment or Various Location Rendition by filling out the following form Leased, Loaned, Owned Assets Rendition and mail the form to the address displayed at the top of the form.

Note: Please email spreadsheets to [email protected].

You can receive an automatic 30 day extension by filing online through your personal Dashboard or by completing this request form and mailing it to the address at the top of the form by April 15th.

If you have already received the automatic 30 day extension, you can request an additional 15 day extension by completing and mailing this form to the address at the top of the form by May 1st. The additional extension is not automatic, and you must provide good cause for the extension. Approval is at the discretion of the Chief Appraiser.

You can file your Dealer Monthly Tax Statement by filling out the following form Dealer's Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement and email the pdf to [email protected] or mail it to the address displayed at the top of the form.

Note: A copy must also be mailed, along with any payment due, to the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector. Payment should not be mailed to the Appraisal District.

In the case of a spouse's death, please send in a copy of their Death Certificate along with your request. This will remove their name from your homestead property only.

In the case of divorce, please send a copy of the Divorce with your request. Specifically we need to see the first page, any page showing real property and stating who it was awarded to, as well as the page with the Judge's signature and date. If there is a name change involved, please include that page, too.

In the case of a name change due to marriage, please send a copy of the Marriage License along with your request.

If your name was change through the court, please send a copy of the court document, signed by the Judge, with your request.

Please go to the Tarrant County Tax Office account search page to verify whether or not the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector has received your payment. Some accounts in Tarrant County may also have tax payment requirements to the Grapevine-Colleyville Tax Office.

The attached brochure contains a brief overview of exactly what Business Personal Property (BPP) is and some of the important dates and requirements for your business.

All Tarrant County residential, commercial, and business personal property owners are invited to claim their benefits as TAD.org online account holders. In addition to the online services TAD has been providing for well over a decade, we have added email announcements for TAD.org Online Account Holders of seasonal process availability (like filing an online rendition, protest, or value offer/negotiation), value notice availability, and ARB hearing notice availability. If you have yet to create an online account at TAD.org, please click here first for instructions in obtaining your property's unique PIN and other helpful information. Make the property appraisal process easier to navigate - sign up for email announcements today.

Value Notices are mailed beginning in April through the summer of each year. Not everyone will receive a Notice every year. If you expect you should have received one, you can access your online account to view a copy. If you haven't received your value notice or if you need another copy, please Log into your Online Account by clicking on the Login button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Once you have signed into your Online Account, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Account on your Dashboard that you are interested in viewing or printing the Value Notice.
  2. Click the View Documents button on the expanded view of your property. Once you click the View Documents, you should see your documents beginning to load for the current and prior year, which includes your Value Notice.
  3. Click on the Value Notice button and you should be able to view, print, and download the report.