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Protest Deadline Reminder: Residential Accounts with a May 15th Deadline date, have until May 24th to Protest. 

Important Security Reminder: Everyone for 2024 will need to reset their password and some Online Accounts will need to be recreated for 2024.

Online Account Management

All Tarrant County residential, commercial, and business personal property owners are invited to claim their benefits as TAD.org online account holders. In addition to the online services TAD has been providing for well over a decade, we have added email announcements for TAD.org Online Account Holders of seasonal process availability (like filing an online rendition, protest, or value offer/negotiation), value notice availability, and ARB hearing notice availability. If you have yet to create an online account at TAD.org, please click here first for instructions in obtaining your property's unique PIN and other helpful information. Make the property appraisal process easier to navigate - sign up for email announcements today.

Attention: Only the property owner of record is entitled to the unique, parcel-specific, Online Account PIN (PIN). This PIN will only be mailed via the United States Postal Service to the owner of record at their address of record. If you recently purchased a Residential property, you do not need to request your PIN. TAD will automatically mail your PIN once the deed has been processed by our staff as your PIN will be different than and override the previous owner's PIN. Authorized agents do not use the PIN for online access. If you are an authorized agent, you will be provided online access to the documents, evidence, and functions afforded you as the property owner's representative once your Appointment of Agent form is processed by TAD. Agents may contact the Tarrant Appraisal Review Board (TARB) with questions.

TAD includes a unique Online Account PIN for your property on the:

  • Residential Sales Survey Letter (see example) which is mailed daily as we process the public deed records of new Residential Real Property owners.

  • Notice of Appraised Value (see example) which is generally mailed in:

    • April for Residential and Commercial Real Property
    • May for Residential and Commercial Real Property and Business Personal Property
    • June for Business Personal Property and Mineral Property*
    • July for Business Personal Property and Mineral Property*
  • Business Personal Property Rendition (see example) form or reminder letter which is generally mailed (or emailed if we have it) in:

    • Late December for businesses that existing in our records the previous year
    • January through March for businesses new to our records that year
  • You can also request your Online Account PIN if you haven't recently received one of the documents described above.


    Mineral accounts are not currently eligible for Online Account PINs. You may contact TAD's mineral valuation contractor, Pritchard Abbott Inc., through their website at www.pandai.com for additional information.

If you are a current owner of a Tarrant County-based property, you can create an Online Account with TAD and add one or more of your currently-owned properties to your personal "My Dashboard" management screen. "My Dashboard" provides you with enhanced functionality and access to your property's:

  • Value Notice
  • Property Record Card
  • Value Documentation/Evidence
  • Automated Market Value Review (Residential only)
  • Online Protest filing features w/evidence document upload
  • Online Rendition filing features w/attachments upload (Business Personal Property only)
  • Online Rendition Extension Request filing features (Business Personal Property only)
  • And other enhanced features that are coming soon.

If you're new to TAD.org, you'll need your property's Online Account PIN (see 'How Do I Get My Online Account PIN") and these step by step instructions.

If you already have an Online Account and just need to add a property to "My Dashboard", please follow steps 4 and 5 on these step by step instructions.

Updating your Online Account Profile is simple! Once you have signed into your Online Account, you will be able to update your email address and password by following the Update Profile and Change Password links under the My Account dropdown menu.

Once you have set up your Online Account, it is simple to add property accounts you are the owner of. You will need to sign in to your Online Account, which will then take you to your Dashboard. At the top of the Dashboard screen you should see "Add Property to Dashboard". This will require you to enter the Account # and Online PIN for each of your property accounts.