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How Do I Contact The Gas Well Operator Related To My Mineral Account?

Please refer to this document – Mineral Public Contact 2019

How Do I Export the Results of a TAD.org Property Search?

The results of a TAD.org Property Search can be exported to your favorite spreadsheet program such as MS Excel, Apple Numbers, and many others.  Just follow these easy steps: (1) accomplish your Property Search or Advanced Search, (2) above the search results first select either Page Results or All Results, (3) then select either Excel File or TXT/CSV File, and lastly, (4) select either the *Basic or **Comprehensive data option (see details below).  The data file type you select will be exported to your PC’s, Mac’s, tablet’s, or smart phone’s download folder (the location of which varies by web browser and device type).  Once your data is downloaded, open it in either MS Excel or import the TXT/CSV file (delimited by a comma) into another compatible spreadsheet program.  To ensure fair access for all users to TAD.org resources, a limit to the number of records you may download at one time may be indicated at the time you select either a Basic or Comprehensive file.  If your download exceeds the current limit, consider crafting your Property Search or Advanced Search so that it can be divided into multiple downloads.  For example, target/filter one search for Residential property and another for Commercial property then combine the results.

*Basic – this option contains 29 columns of data per parcel of the current year ownership, location, value, and other general information.
**Comprehensive – this option contains 116 columns of data per parcel of the current year and 5 previous years of ownership, location, value, and other general information.

How Do I Find Out More About The Way My Mineral Account Was Valued?

Please contact our valuation consultants, Pritchard & Abbott Inc., with any questions regarding the appraisal of Mineral Interests.

Pritchard & Abbott Inc., Valuation Consultants
4900 Overton Commons Court
Fort Worth, Texas 76132-3687

Mineral Appraiser: Kyle Wilson
Division Order Analyst: Lauren Mulvaney

Pritchard and Abbott’s website

How Do I Know If My Mineral Account Should Have a $0 Value?

Common reasons for a mineral account to have a $0 value are (1) your ownership interest in the well is very small, (2) the well has very low production, (3) the well is shut-in (not producing), and/or (4) the well is new and has not yet begun production.

How Do I Know If My Property Taxes Have Been Paid?

Please go to the Tarrant County Tax Office account search page to verify whether or not the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector has received your payment.  Some accounts in Tarrant County may also have tax payment requirements to the Grapevine-Colleyville Tax Office

How Do I Make TAD Aware Of A Mineral Ownership Change?

The first step is to contact the gas well operator to make sure they are aware of the sale.  TAD, and the appraisal firm that values the mineral interests for TAD, get the ownership information from the operators.  If you have further questions about this, please email us at [email protected].

How Do I Update The Mailing Address Of My Mineral Account?

Please contact the operator to update the mailing address as well as contacting the Tarrant Appraisal District mineral department at [email protected].  See question above:  How Do I Contact The Gas Well Operator Related To My Mineral Account?

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