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How Do I Contact The Gas Well Operator Related To My Mineral Account?

Please refer to this document – Mineral Public Contact 2019

How Do I Find Out More About The Way My Mineral Account Was Valued?

Please contact our valuation consultants, Pritchard & Abbott Inc., with any questions regarding the appraisal of Mineral Interests.

Pritchard & Abbott Inc., Valuation Consultants
4900 Overton Commons Court
Fort Worth, Texas 76132-3687

Mineral Appraiser: Kyle Wilson
Division Order Analyst: Lauren Mulvaney

Pritchard and Abbott’s website

How Do I Know If My Mineral Account Should Have a $0 Value?

Common reasons for a mineral account to have a $0 value are (1) your ownership interest in the well is very small, (2) the well has very low production, (3) the well is shut-in (not producing), and/or (4) the well is new and has not yet begun production.

How Do I Know If My Property Taxes Have Been Paid?

Please go to the Tarrant County Tax Office account search page to verify whether or not the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector has received your payment.  Some accounts in Tarrant County may also have tax payment requirements to the Grapevine-Colleyville Tax Office

How Do I Update The Mailing Address Of My Mineral Account?

Please contact the operator to update the mailing address as well as contacting the Tarrant Appraisal District mineral department at [email protected].  See question above:  How Do I Contact The Gas Well Operator Related To My Mineral Account?

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