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New at – the Dashboard

Managing your properties at is now easier than ever before with the new dashboard feature. First create an online account or log in to an existing account from the homepage. If you have logged in with an eAccess username and password in the past, the same login information can still be used.

If you log in using your legacy credentials, the same properties associated with that profile will be included on your new dashboard. To add a property to the dashboard, just enter the 8-digit TAD property account number and the online PIN for each property. The online PIN can be found on the property’s Notice of Appraised Value (usually mailed to you in April or May). If you need a new online PIN, request one by clicking “Request an Online PIN” or click here. After filling out a short online form, a letter containing the property’s PIN will be mailed to the owner’s address of record in order to ensure confidentiality.

Once you’ve added properties to the dashboard, you’ll be able to view and manage your properties all in one place. You’ll see the basic information such as the current value, protest deadlines, and if a value notice has been sent. For further details, such as the value history and owner mailing address, simply click “View Property.”

Depending on the type of property and the time of year, you’ll have the option to file a protest online, file a rendition (for business personal property accounts), or negotiate your property value (residential properties only) – with more features and actions frequently being added.

If you need to make changes to a certain property, you can click “Account Change” to change the name or the address.

Everything you would need to do for a particular property, whether it is residential, commercial, business personal property, or a mineral property, can be found on the property dashboard.