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Attention: Only the property owner of record is entitled to the unique, parcel-specific, Online Account PIN (PIN) for the “Account Number” that you would enter in the form below. This PIN will only be mailed via the United States Postal Service to the owner of record at their address of record. If you recently purchased a Residential property, you do not need to request your PIN. TAD will automatically mail your PIN once the deed has been processed by our staff as your PIN will be different than and override the previous owner’s PIN. Authorized agents do not use the PIN for online access. If you are an authorized agent, you will be provided online access to the documents, evidence, and functions afforded you as the property owner’s representative once your Appointment of Agent form is processed by TAD. Agents may contact the Tarrant Appraisal Review Board (TARB) with questions.

Because Online Account PINs are included on your Residential Sales Survey Letter, Notice of Appraised Value or Business Personal Property Rendition any requests during that time are subject to review.

Please Note: At this time, Mineral accounts are not eligible for Online PIN Requests. You may contact Pritchard & Abbott through their website at for additional account/valuation information.

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