1-d-1 (Open Space)

Aircraft Rendition

Ambulatory health care

Application for Allocation of Value for BPP

Application for September 1 Inventory Appraisal

Appointment of Agent for Property Tax

Boat Inventory Declaration

Boat Inventory Tax Statement

BPP Affidavit Of Fact

Cemetery Property

Charitable Low-Income

Charitable Organization(11.18)

Charitable Organization(501(c)(2))

CHDO-Acquired or Sold

Commercial Property Value Evidence

Community Land & Trust

Cotton Stored in a Warehouse

Disabled Vet or Survivor

Energy Storage System

Freeport Exemption

Going Out of Business Application

Going Out of Business Permit


Heavy Equipment Dealer Fleet Sale Refund

Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration

Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax Statement

Historic or Archeological Site

Homestead/Over 65/Disabled Person/Disabled Vet(100%)

Landfill-Generated Gas

Lessee’s Non-Income Vehicle Affidavit

Lessor’s Personal Use Leased Auto

Lessor’s Rendition for Leased Autos

Low-Income Housing

Mfd Housing Inventory Declaration

Mfd Housing Inventory Tax Statement

Mineral Lease Property

Miscellaneous Exemptions

Mixed-Use Vehicle

Motion For Correction Of Appraisal Roll (25.25c)

Motion to Correct 1/3 Over (25.25d)

Nonprofit Community Business

Notice of Protest

Open Space Ecological Lab

Owner’s Affidavit of Evidence

Pollution Control

Primarily Charitable Functions

Private School Property

Public Information Act Request

Rec, Park, & Scenic Land

Religious Organization

Rendition – Billboard Percent Good Schedule

Rendition – Business Filing Extension Request

Rendition – Business greater than $20K

Rendition – Business greater than $20K – Calculating

Rendition – Business less than $20K

Rendition – Business less than $20K – Calculating

Rendition – Depreciation Schedule & Schedule E

Rendition Leased, Loaned, & Owned Assets

Rendition of Property Qualified for Allocation of Value

Request For Confidentiality

Residential Builder’s Inventory

Residential Sales Map

Residential: How To Calculate a Value

Revocation of Appointment of Agent

Same-Day Protest Hearing

Sample Physician’s Statement – Disabled Person

Solar or Wind Devices

Tax Abatement

Tax Deferral Affidavit – Appreciating Residence

Tax Deferral Affidavit – Over 65/Disabled

Theater School

Transitional Housing

Vehicle Inventory Declaration

Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement

Water Conservation Initiatives

Water Supply/Wastewater

Youth Development Org