1-d-1 (Open Space)

Appointment of Agent for Property Tax

Community Land & Trust

Disabled Vet or Survivor

Historic or Archeological Site

Homestead/Over 65/Disabled Person/Disabled Vet(100%)

Miscellaneous Exemptions

Motion For Correction Of Appraisal Roll (25.25c)

Motion to Correct 1/3 Over (25.25d)

Motion To Correct ¼ Over (25.25d)

Notice of Protest

Owner’s Affidavit of Evidence

Physician’s Statement – Disabled Person

Public Information Act Request

Request For Confidentiality

Residential Builder’s Inventory

Residential Sales Map

Residential: How To Calculate a Value

Revocation of Appointment of Agent

Same-Day Protest Hearing

Solar or Wind Devices

Tax Abatement

Tax Deferral Affidavit – Appreciating Residence

Tax Deferral Affidavit – Over 65/Disabled