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State Use Codes
A1 Single-Family
A2 Mobile Homes
A3 Condominiums
A4 Townhomes
A5 Condominiums
B1 Multi-Family
B2 Duplex
B3 Triplex
B4 Quadraplex
C1 Residential Vacant
C2 Commercial Vacant
C3 Rural Vacant
C6 Vacant Exempt (Right-of-Way)
D1 Ranch Land
D2 Timberland
D3 Farmland
D4 Undeveloped
E1 House + Limited Acres
E2 Mobile Home + Limited Acres
E3 Other Improvements
F1 Commercial
F2 Industrial
F3 Billboards
G1 Oil/Gas/Mineral Reserves
J1 Water Systems
J2 Gas Companies
J3 Electric Companies
J4 Telephone Companies
J5 Railroads
J6 Pipelines
J7 Cable Companies
J8 Other Utility
M3 Mobile Home

Residential Inventory

O1 Vacant
O2 Improved

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