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Summary View or List View?

Whether you’re shopping on or looking at your news feed, everyone has their own preference when it comes to how the information is laid out on the screen.  The same goes for users when reviewing their Property Search results.

We’re happy to announce that the number of “Properties Per Page” and either a “Summary View” or “List View” are now selectable options on the upper right hand portion of any Property Search results page:

Properties Per Page defaults to 25, however, it can be increased all the way up to 500 – which works very well for those that prefer the List View.  A nice complement to the List View is the use of the “Sort and Filter” feature – since List View’s display is reminiscent of a spreadsheet program like MS Excel or Apple Numbers:

The Summary View is preferable to those that want more detailed property information right there on the search results page.  It also offers direct links to various maps, deed searches, and a tax calculator:

Once you become an advanced user, don’t forget, your search data can also be printed or downloaded as a .txt file, .csv file, or to an MS Excel spreadsheet directly from the search results page: