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TAD 2018 Reappraisal Activities have Begun

The Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) has begun residential field reappraisal activities for 2018.

TAD’s reappraisal plan requires reappraisal activities at least every three years.  Reappraisal activities may include physical inspection or other reliable means of identification or inspection of new construction, building permits, or property rechecks.

“Tarrant County has almost 600,000 residences located in rural areas and in all 38 area cities,” said Randy Armstrong, Director of the Residential Appraisal department.  “So far in 2017, TAD has received more than 10,000 building permits from area cities.”

Appraisers will be in neighborhoods throughout the county to measure structures, verify permits, and make corrections or identify any additional issues regarding a property; all with the intent to ensure accurate records.

“Individual appointments for reappraisal activities are not made because of the large number of properties that must be seen,” said Armstrong.

Field appraisers are required to carry appropriate identification; their Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) issued license and a photo ID which TAD issues.  Appraisers also have TAD signs on their vehicles and carry personalized TAD business cards.

Appraisers will go door to door if they need to measure a structure or verify information and will attempt to make the property owner aware they are on the property.  Appraisers will never ask to enter a home.

Property owners can call TAD offices if they have any questions regarding the identity of a TAD appraiser.  The Residential department phone number is 817-284-3925.

Commercial and Business Personal Property appraisers have also begun reappraisal work in preparation for the upcoming 2018 tax year.