Videoconference Hearings

How Do I

How do I Install Webex and Create an Account?

In order to join a TARB videoconference, you must first sign up for a free webex account (if you don’t already have one) on the Webex Website and download the Webex Videoconference Software.

**TARB does not provide technical support for webex software or hardware related issues. Please ensure that you have a working webcam and microphone, and that they have been tested with webex, prior to joining the scheduled videoconference.**

How do I Find the Videoconference Link?

In the email you receive from TARB, you will find the link to the videoconference for your protest hearing. The link can change if a meeting gets rescheduled, so always use the latest email from TARB.

You can also find the link to the videoconference on your Dashboard 30 minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time. The link will appear as a button on your Dashboard with the title Join Videoconference.

How do I Open Webex?

Once you click the videoconference link, it will open your browser to the following page. Click open webex to start the application and join the meeting.

How do I Test My Hardware Before a Videoconference Hearing?

Before joining a videoconference hearing you will see a screen that allows you to test your hardware.

On this screen there are three button options that allow you to adjust and test your hardware prior to starting your meeting.

  • The first button allows you to connect to a video system that is connected to your device. This will be your webcam connection.
  • The second button allows you to connect your audio. The audio can be your computer audio, a speaker audio, or a headset audio.
  • The third button allows you to test your speaker and microphone connections. Once you click this button, a screen will appear that allows you to set the volume, test your microphone/speaker, and set other options available if needed.

How do I Join a Videoconference Hearing?

Join the meeting at least 10 minutes before your scheduled hearing time. If you join after the scheduled hearing time, you will not be let in to the hearing.

Once you open Webex after clicking on the videoconference hearing link you will be taken to a prompt to enter your name or sign in. You should enter your name associated with your account (owner name) or agent name if you’re an agent. This section only appears if you’re not already logged into webex.

Once you have entered your name you will be taken to a preview screen which will allow you to make sure that your camera and microphone are working correctly. Once you’ve verified that everything is working correctly, you can click the Join meeting button (green button).

After you click on the Join meeting button you will be taken to a waiting area for the meeting. When your hearing is ready to proceed you will be let into the meeting. This may occur at the scheduled hearing time or later. Please be patient, an ARB member will get to you as soon as the previous meeting has concluded.

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